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Social integration essay sample

Social integration

 To put it simply, social integration is all about the ways in which individuals are related to one another within a society. Thus, it becomes quite clear that the main source of social integration is the class system of the society.

There is no doubt that conflict between different classes of society arises once in a while. Yet, it is usually viewed as a catalyst which leads to social change. There are groups of people who are willing to preserve the existing society as well as those who want to change something. Basically, this is the prerequisite for any social change.

Another term which is quite often used in relation to social integration is system integration. System integration, in its turn, describes the relationship between parts of the society or the whole social system. In other words, the key aspect in system integration is to find a way in which different parts of the social system can interrelate. What should also be mentioned is that the difference between social integration and system integration is important when the aim of a particular theory is to unite macro and micro levels of analysis. More information is available here …