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Cybercrime and piracy essay sample

Cybercrime and piracy

Well, there is no need to explain why piracy is such a serious issue nowadays. The thing is that it is one of the reasons why a lot of countries cannot get access to lots of paid services. Their piracy statistics is horrifying.

Another important aspect to mention regarding the subject under consideration is that artists do not get money which they have earned as long as piracy exists. A lot of people decide not to pay for a new album or a movie when they have the opportunity of finding it online and for free. As a result, artists get nothing from that.

The problem is that those money is the salary of artists which is why the deserve to get it just as we get our paychecks every month. The thing is that cybercrime contributes to the popularization of piracy which is the reason why this process is so hard to stop. Besides, cyber criminals are quite often one step ahead which presupposes that it is not that simple to catch them. They always find ways to remain unnoticeable. In order to take a look at detailed research regarding the subject under consideration, do not hesitate to visit …