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Digital divide essay sample

Digital divide

To begin with, it is important to determine what digital divide is. Thus, it is the gap between the particular region and people’s access to to modern information and communication technology in that region. The most common examples of such technology include telephones, computers and the internet.

There are several divides to take into account when you are dealing with such notion as digital divide. Thus, it is the divide between people who live in the cities and people who live in rural areas; the divide between the educated and the uneducated; the divide between various socioeconomic groups as well as the divide between more developed regions and less developed countries.

Unfortunately, the digital divide is still a huge problem nowadays. Apart from that, our world is developing which process that more and more people have access to such options as wireless internet, video conferencing, virtual classrooms and distance learning. All these possibilities remain unavailable for a great amount of people on the planet. As a result, it presupposes that those people do not have the chance to realize their full potential which could be easily done with the presence of various technological devices. In order to familiarize yourself with examples, feel free to go to …