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Debt culture: Should credit cards have warning labels? Essay sample

Living in debt has become a matter of fact to many Americans. The US Census Bureau says that the debt of an average household is $5,700. It covers some expensive purchases, like cars and housing, but we also largely overuse our credit cards in everyday shopping. It is true that many people do not pay much attention to overdraft. There is also a students’ debt that severely limits young Americans and their families. But we cannot deny that we do not take credit cards as seriously as we should.  As the prices increase (especially in education) people get used to living in debt. Millennials are more dependent on debt than any other generation. They get student’s loan before they get a mere idea about their future job, and they use their credit card when they do not have their own money. As a result, people give most of their earnings to repay the debt or keep stocking it. Slack and careless money management leads to neglect, abuse, and even poverty in families.  The only problem with credit cards is that people do not know how to use them. Moreover, people cannot do a basic finance management. We need a better personal finance education as early as high school so that students could understand what awaits them in their independent life. Credit cards do not solve the problem of not having money; they only help people spend the money they have to repay later. It is still better to spend the money you have and think twice of borrowing any sum of money. This is the only way to deal with the chronic debt accumulation.