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What are the next steps in protecting water, energy, and food security? Essay sample

Heading towards the 9 billion point, the population of Earth gets more anxious about the availability and division of natural resources. As for now, about 1 billion people are deprived either of water, food or electricity. This figure can naturally increase because of the population of developing countries grows fast. Besides, most natural resources we use are exhaustible. Once we have wasted most of fresh water and fossil fuels, it would be much harder for us all to get everyday essentials. Sustainable development is a comprehensive notion, but for now we can estimate our achievements in generating renewable energy. In Europe, several countries generate from 25 to 50% of their total energy consumption from wind and solar power. In the US, wind and solar power consist 10% of the overall energy. That is not much, but it is the beginning of the new era in energy production. As for water quality management, it still differs from country to country. Usually, we do not go further than replacing old pipes and emergency response to natural catastrophes. The rising demand for meat and dairy in the West generates the demand for animal feedstock in lands and crops. Intense production of GM crops compensates for the lack of land for intensive agriculture. To cover for the lack of food, water, and energy security, organizations shall invest more in renewable energy. It is only a matter of time how soon renewables will overcome fossil fuels, and sustainable energy businesses need a strong support of investors right now. Sustainable agriculture is another point we shall develop. Governments need to spend more on agriculture and support local farmers. We need more yields not for animals but for humans. As for water, many developing areas require basic sanitation and more drills. For developed countries, it is essential to cut the amount of wasted water.