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Decline of reading essay sample

Decline of reading

There is obviously no need to explain what such issue as the decline of reading presupposes. Basically, people have stopped reading a lot as they simply got used to absorbing information via other channels.

The problem is that reading books is one of the essential elements of broadening one’s horizon. In other words, we read books so that to gain more knowledge. In addition, those people who want to do some writing in future are supposed to read as much as possible. The thing is that it helps them to become better writers as well as organize their thoughts in a profound way.

Perhaps, the most obvious thing a person can do so that to solve this problem is to popularize reading. What is more, the popularization process should start as early as possible. Reading should become a modern trend as it is one of the most reliable ways to make something popular. A research regarding such topic as the decline of reading should include a lot of statistic data and facts so that to prove how significantly the situation has changed in the last decades. Learn more about it here …