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Does television affect our intelligence? essay sample

Does television affect our intelligence?

Well, one cannot say that television affects our intelligence greatly meaning that the person won’t become less intelligent in case they watch a lot of television. However, one should also mention that watching television a lot presupposes that the person is going to waste their time in vain rather than learn something new during these hours.

As you have understood, watching less television gives you the opportunity to focus on studying or reading rather than sitting in front of your TV for hours. In such a way, you will be able to gain some new skill or familiarize yourself with an interesting field and that knowledge might turn out to be really advantageous and useful for you.

Apart from that, it is necessary to mention that watching TV is like being glued to one place for hours and you cannot do anything about it. You simply continue watching. There is nothing wrong with watching television in general but it should not turn into an addiction. Anyway, do not forget to take a look at additional information on the subject under consideration as soon as you go to …