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Eating disorders and the media. Essay sample


One of the reasons why eating disorders are such a huge problem these days is because of the fact that the media propagate the idea of a thin girl. To be more specific, a girl is viewed as beautiful only when she is super skinny.

This is the idea which young teenagers absorb. As a result, they try to do everything they can in order to look like those images which they see in magazines or on TV. Surely, it does not lead to any positive results. On the contrary, a lot of girls end up suffering from an eating disorder as they either stop eating, eat little or eat a lot and they try to induce vomiting. All of these disorders are going to have a tremendous influence on the heath of a person. Apart from that, potentially these eating disorders are also life-threatening. In order to change the situation, the following idea should be propagated by the media: every body is beautiful no matter how much a person weighs or how tall they are. The sooner we understand that, the healthier our nation is going to be. Familiarize yourself with more information on eating disorders here …