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The role of symbolism in the work of Poe. Essay sample


There is no doubt that the role of symbolism in the work of Edgar Allan Poe is huge. For example, one of the most common symbols in his short stories are the eyes. To be more specific, the Evil Eye is the symbol pertinent to the short story “The Tell-Tale Heart”. The narrator in fixated on the idea that the old man transmits a curse on him because of the fact that he was looking with the Evil Eye. As a result, the narrator gets obsessed with the idea of an eye.

Another iconic symbol is the whirlpool. For instance, it represents insanity in “MS. Found in a Bottle”. Thus, one whirlpool takes narrator from the realistic realm while the other one kills him. As soon as you start studying this issue in detail, you will familiarize yourself with other motifs with the help of which you will be able to get a clear picture of symbolism in the work of Edgar Allan Poe. In order to read more regarding that aspect, feel free to go to …