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Economic advantages resulting from changes in climate essay sample

Economic advantages resulting from changes in climate essay sample

There is a strong belief that the rise of temperatures will destroy agriculture in many present-day yield suppliers. True, India, most of the African and South American continents will find it hard to hard to keep their crops if the temperature rises, let us say, 5 degrees Celsius higher than it is now in summer. The only question is how fast such dramatic effects will come. Perhaps, we still have a couple of centuries to enjoy a few positive features brought by global warming.

For the last century, the world has heated on about 1degree Celsius on average. Though we can see how severe the weather can be, not all countries experience natural catastrophes. In fact, Greenland, Canada, and Russia enter the era of a milder climate. Former icy territories will become the right place for farmers, especially in Greenland. The temperatures have risen slightly on the island but they have already extended the agricultural season by 2 weeks.

The decline of Arctic sea ice is unfortunate to local species and the sea level, but it opens new ways for ships. The Northwest Passage is nearly free from ice, which gives us a way from the North Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. The Arctic area becomes more available to tourists and researchers. The Arctic holds deposits of oil, therefore, the drilling industry takes a major interest in easy access to the region.

It is obvious that the climate change is happening and, until the end of the century, some groups will take advantages of the reshaping landscape. But still, it does not change the fact that developing countries will struggle to keep their lands arable and fertile in global warming.