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Effect of global warming on the economy of countries essay sample

Effect of global warming on the economy of countries essay sample

While many people stay indifferent to climate change, extreme temperatures do not encourage farmers and animals whose habitat gradually disappears. We tend to treat global warming like an environmental threat with no definite outcome in the view. However, climate change has certain economic costs – those of failed crops and acres of infertile lands.

Global warming may change the current division of natural resources giving a favor to Russia and Canada where huge lands are still frozen. European countries also have little to lose, taking into account their moderate climate. Poorer countries in South America and Africa, on the other hand, may face a severe loss in GDP. Many of them depend on yields that become more precious with every other year.

Coastal infrastructure will hardly benefit from warmer climate as well. Though ocean shores present a great attraction to tourists who nurture numerous industries there, coastal areas may suffer heavy losses from storms and hurricanes. Hotter water disturbs the balance of rainfalls and is the primary cause of extreme weather phenomena.

Even unrelated to disasters or natural resources, people lose a lot of money from the hot weather. Most employees are unproductive when it is too hot outside. Health conditions are another threat we often miss. Too hot weather easily disrupts the immune system, especially when the air is conditioned in the buildings. Therefore, the healthcare expenditures will rise proportionately to the temperature in the hot season.