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Feminism Essay sample


Perhaps, it would be more reasonable to use the word-combination ‘gender equality’ as the term ‘feminism’ has acquired a lot of negative meaning lately. What is necessary to mention in this respect is that feminism itself does not represent anything negative. The problem is that a lot of people believe that fighting for women’s rights presupposes man hating.

Feminism has never been about the idea of hating all men. What is more, the possibility of creating matriarchy has never been considered as well. In addition, it is also never going to be so as the main point which feminists are trying to prove is that both men and women should have equal rights.

Probably, you are familiar with the so-called campaign as ‘equal pay for equal work’. Women have been discriminated in the workplace for too long. What is more, they get only 75 cents of each dollar a man makes even though they have the same job and same responsibilities. Surely, it is not fair. That is one of those issues which gender equality activists are trying to tackle. Do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with a more detailed view on feminism at …