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Media violence Essay sample


The main concern regarding violence in the media is that it has a very negative influence on children and teenagers. The problem is that they get used to violence and it becomes something quite ordinary for them. What is more, children may also consider such behavior to be appropriate. Several studies suggest that seeing a lot of violence on TV may lead to behavioral problems. To be more specific, children may grow up to be violent and rude. What is more, they are also likely to have problems with the law in future.

Here are a few tips all parents should take into consideration when they realize that their children get exposed to violence in the media. To begin with, parents need to explain the consequences of those violent actions which they see on TV. Apart from that, it is also reasonable to monitor those programs which a child watches in order to be sure that they do not come across anything inappropriate. In addition, it is useful to teach your child how to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. Read more about media violence here …