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Feminist theory essay sample


As you have probably realized from the name, feminist theory presupposes that the status of women in the society is analyzed in order to change the situation for the better. What is necessary to highlight is that the status of men is taken into account as well. To be more specific, those scholars who focus on the research of feminist theory take into account the following aspects: age, sexuality, class, ethnicity and race. Then, they determine how important these aspects are in relation to both men and women in terms of their place in the society.

Another idea which is of great importance in this respect is that one of the main aims of this theory is to give women a chance to raise their voice. There are lots of ways in which women have contributed greatly to the development of our mankind. The idea is to remember those actions as well as to make sure that women have the opportunity to create and be innovative in all existing fields. Feel free to familiarize yourself with more information by going to …