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Gambling addiction. Essay sample


Perhaps, gambling addiction has never been viewed as very serious because of the fact that it does not pose a real threat to heath and life of a person. For instance, cigarette, alcohol and drug addiction can either ruin someone’s heath or even become the cause of death.

However, it is does not mean that there is nothing to worry about when a person has gambling addiction. The thing is that it is as hard to deal with as with the other ones which have already been mentioned. As you have already understood, the root of any addiction lies in certain psychological factors which is the reason why it is so difficult to overcome it. The person has the desire to play and there is hardly anything which can make them stop. Another problem regarding gambling addiction is that people tend to lose a lot of money. Quite often they borrow money and have nothing to give back. Apart from that, this money may not even be theirs which makes the whole situation worse. In order to find out more about gambling addiction, feel free to go to …