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The impact of technology on spelling and grammar. Essay sample


We live a fast-developing world why is why it is not surprising that technology has started to slightly modify spelling and grammar of the language. The examples of such modifications are numerous.

For instance, we have started to use a lot of abbreviations in order to express the view we feel in general or our attitude towards a certain situation. We use ‘LOL (laughing out loud)’ when we see or hear something funny; ‘OMG (oh my God)’ when we are shocked or very impressed by something, ‘ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) ‘when some post or picture is hilarious and a lot of other examples. Apart from that, we also tend to use ‘BTW’ instead of such phrase as ‘by the way’ because it is shorter and takes less time to write. All these modifications make our lives much simpler.

What is important to keep in mind is that we should not forget about generally accepted spelling and grammar rules as it is always necessary to know the correct way of spelling or saying something. Familiarize yourself with more examples here …