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Gender roles essay sample


Before starting to work on such issue as gender roles, you need to understand what this notion presupposes. So, the first thing you need to understand is that gender role is the way in which a boy or a girl behaves and acts. These are those aspects which define them as either a girl or a boy. What is important to point out is that these characteristics are shaped by the society.

Surely, gender roles vary depending on the country and culture in question. Gender roles are shaped  not only by parents and friends, but also by the media, television and the society in general. However, it is important to highlight the fact that gender roles create stereotypes. As a result, some women cannot get a certain job because of the fact that it is viewed by the society as the occupation for men. Such examples are numerous. Perhaps, it is time to redefine the way in which we see both men and women. The thing is that everything is relevant and there should be more freedom regarding such aspect as what qualities are masculine and feminine.  Want to learn more? Go to …