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Health effects of fast food essay sample


Well, it is quite obvious that the first negative effect of fast food is the possibility to gain weight. Obviously, a lot depends on the metabolism of a particular person. However, those people who eat a lot of fast food tend to gain weight quite quickly.

Another serious issue to take into consideration is high blood pressure. It is that kind of thing which we cannot observe until we visit a doctor in order to do a checkup. As soon as we do that, we realize that we have high blood pressure even though we do not normally feel it. Apart from that, it is quite possible to have high cholesterol levels for those people who enjoy eating fast food. Dental distress and acne are also the results of eating fast food quite often.

What is interesting to find out in this respect is that depression is sometimes linked to consuming huge amounts of fast food. On the one hand, it is comfort food. On the other hand, one tends to indulge into its eating which results in having guilty conscience: you realize that you should stop eating that much fast food but you cannot do that because you like it too much. Read more at …