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Getting “off the grid” is a current trend. What is the benefit of becoming self-sufficient? Is it worth the cost? essay sample

Getting “off the grid” is a current trend essay sample

Going off the grid is a philosophy and a solution for those who want to reduce their carbon imprint.

People are gradually unplugging themselves from mass communications and arrange a green living for their families. They use renewable energy to heat their homes. They strongly rely on natural resources. People put off their smartphones and synchronize with their natural biorhythms. Someone will take it as a nonsense. However, those going away from urban life and mass consumption clearly understand their benefits.


Producing energy autonomously, people become independent of the common grid. Such autonomy is the key drive for many. Environmental sustainability is another motive to go green. Our carbon footprint grows with every year, and people who love nature try to take some sufficient steps, like full recycling or getting off the grid. On the other hand, going green can be quite costly. In the US, a 5 kW system of solar panels would cost $30,000. Buying a cabin-style house in the country costs twice more than that, which explains why people do not rush off the grid. Nevertheless, those having a country house can partially ease their dependence on the grid.