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Grades won’t indicate either intelligence or effort essay sample

Grades won't indicate either intelligence or effort

Well, the whole notion of grades in the educational process is going to be outdated quite soon. The thing is that grades do not indicate the intelligence of a person, as well as their effort to study. To be more specific, a person might get a good grade simply because of mere luck. For instance, they might guess the answers when it is a test or learn a specific paragraph or topic and get this exact issue when asked by the teacher.

Apart from that, there are lots of talented students who fail at test because it is too much stress for them. Yet, they might do fine when it is a case study or some research project. Thus,  what it all boils down to is that the grade is not the indicator of an exceptional knowledge of the subject. In addition, a student might get a good grade even when they had not put enough effort in the studying process. Do not hesitate to learn more about this aspect here …