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How can the world unite to fight racism? essay sample

How can the world unite to fight racism? essay sample

Combating racism is inseparable from developing high tolerance towards migrants, indigenous people, and ethnic minorities. We can hardly change the worldview of people who take segregation as an adequate pattern of social behavior. They have lived long years confirmed that the race predetermines the value of a person irrespective of person’s education, abilities, and talents. Children growing in mono-racial communities frequently question peers of a different race but they do not have a bias towards strangers. Therefore, educating a generation of tolerant people is the most effective way to leave racism in the past.

Though racial segregation is undeniable at the moment, it is less intense than a few decades ago. Today more representatives of racial minorities get better conditions for living. Children enroll at universities, and their parents get higher-paid jobs. The chasm between social classes bridges slowly but steadily, and there is a strong likelihood that in a couple of generations racism will be indistinct.

Education is the core tool that we can use to eradicate racism. Children shall be taught about ethnic diversity in their area to become closer to peers who look differently. It is important for them to know that a present-day society is never mono-racial, and there is no point in treating people differently according to their race.

Importantly, minority groups shall participate in combating bias themselves. Promoting equality always requires cultural inclusion as well as globalization. It is important for minorities to preserve their unique culture but it is crucial to integrate into a wider society and adopt some of its popular culture. Some level of conformity with the larger society promotes better understanding and appreciation of minority groups.