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How do fats positively affect human body and mind? essay sample

How do fats positively affect human body and mind? essay sample

Body fat is usually associated with cholesterol, obesity, or diabetes. But it does not matter how hard we try to avoid consuming food rich in cholesterol, the substance is still produced in a human body in the first place, to restore cellular membranes and produce a range of hormones. Similarly, body fat is produced and stored in the organism to break down and release energy for all muscles in the body. Skeletal and cardiac muscles cannot work properly if one’s diet is completely refined of fats.

Besides muscular activity, body fat is responsible for the digestion of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. We need these substances to stimulate cell growth and repair damaged cells. Being a part of our cell structure, fat helps to maintain one’s skin, nails, and hair beautiful. Everybody likes soft and elastic skin that does not look its age, and we owe that to fats in particular.

Back to essential functions, fats play a major role in the production of hormones and enzymes. Without lipids, there would be no sexual reproduction, because body fat triggers the proper production of estrogens in women and androgens in men. Just like in animals, body fat helps us to regulate temperature and protects from extreme temperatures.

Though fat is one of the major drives in our body, we still need to maintain it on the healthy level. Too much fat does not only make us obese; excessive lipoprotein covers blood vessels and may block arteries entirely. That is why doctors advise avoiding diets high in saturated fats or especially dangerous trans-fats.