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Are there effective ways to prevent cancer? essay sample

Are there effective ways to prevent cancer? essay sample

Cancerous cells develop fast and kill normal cells in the body. During this process, gene mutations cause multiple DNA errors and stimulate the “wrong” cells to grow uncontrollably. That is how cancer works, but we have little information on what particularly causes such a major cellular breakdown. Some of the substances that we stay contact with are considered carcinogenic; some external factors, such as solar radiation or viruses, are also likely to increase one’s chances to develop the mutation, but for the rest, triggers of cancer are uncertain. However, physicians advise a few basic steps to minimize the risk for everyone.

The first step in cancer-protection is the refusal from tobacco. Today we have a lot of smokers as well as second-hand smokers who carry an enormous risk of developing lung cancer in the first place. But cancer can move around the body freely so that any other organ is exposed as well.

Maintaining a healthy weight is especially critical to patients with diabetes, but some types of cancer frequently develop in obese people. Doctors usually advise putting as much fruit and vegetables as possible to our everyday ration. Fish, beans, nuts, legumes, and olive oil are also welcome. Physical exercise is usually included into the prevention of obesity as it works in complex with a proper diet.

Hepatitis and human papillomavirus may enhance developing cancer so it is essential to get immunization against them. Safe sex and proper personal hygiene can prevent from catching more infections that provoke cancer.

Last but not least, sun protection is crucial to avoid skin cancer. Using sunscreens and covering ourselves with clothes is a must to avoid sunburns that multiply one’s chances of developing cancer.