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How does dress code in schools discriminate women? essay sample

How does dress code in schools discriminate women? essay sample

Girls and their sexuality earn a prior concern of schools at some point, therefore, principals try hard to make all students uniform. Their strive to improve students’ academic performance in such a way is laudable, but teachers omit one strong point. Girls will never be plain as they grow and boys will keep staring at them no matter how covered their bodies are. It is just basic human biology.

The principles of public schools insist on knee-length skirts, loose jackets and trousers, and all of that in black or some khaki shade. As girls grow up, these items of clothing frequently become too short or too tight, which is the reason to dismiss the student from classes and send home to change. Neither girls nor their parents are happy about such school policies, and we can see a clear discrimination in it. Boys are never sent home because their bodies look too curvaceous.

Teenage girls rarely look “appropriate” irrespective of whether they wear a uniform or not. But instead of acknowledging that a female body is just different, principals put hiding sexuality above all. No wonder, girls feel uncomfortable wearing ridiculous baggy clothes all the year. But none of the principles seem to bother about creating comfortable conditions for students to enjoy their studying.   The majority of female students usually describe school uniform as the most distressing part of schooling.

Female dress codes look discriminatory in all environments. At first, they make girls hide their sexuality and later on they urge women to display it. Obviously, old social standards of clothing stay several steps above comfort, which makes any type of formal dress code for females highly questionable.