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How can we modernize education to make it more appealing? essay sample

How can we modernize education to make it more appealing? essay sample

 Education seems to be a cursed field as we always complain about teachers, students, and reforms in the sphere. Graduates are rather demotivated to enters public schools again, this time as teachers. And parents are chronically dissatisfied with the academic success of their kids anticipating that they should hire a tutor for kids to drag a good GPA out of them. But one can hardly rely on their public school teachers if they have any ambitions in academics.

Everybody talks about the modernization of schools, but making them up to date is not only about bringing laptops in the classroom. In the first place, principals need to revise their curricula and consider some optimization. Preparing to 6-8 subjects in one day is a serious workload to both teachers and students who need more time to research, learn, and complete projects every now and then.

Effective learning happens when the teacher devotes some time to each student. Lecturing is a classical, though outdated approach. Interactive learning brings better results than passive teaching, therefore, it makes sense to give students interesting assignments and make them active during the class. A lack of teacher’s help discourages students who initially take no interest in the subject.

Apparently, schools do a lot of empty work these days. When there is plenty of information on the web, the interaction of the teacher and student is everything that matters. An average student needs a tutor in the classroom to give them more practical skills and confidence.