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How might creative marketing have a positive impact on sales? Essay sample

Creative marketing Essay sample

The aim of every business is to make money. Creativity, on the other hand, is rarely associated with profit. Creative people either struggle to earn for living with their craft or, on the contrary, reach an unprecedented success. Nevertheless, creative marketing remains the way to go in the business environment. With the rise of the internet and technological growth, old ways of advertising became outdated. Entrepreneurs have to create unique content and adopt innovative practices to outrun competitors. Serious brands became playful and inventive in their advertising to keep their profit at the top level.


Marketing is all about the content advertisers create. One can buy as much place for their ads as they can, but this content will never go viral unless it is impressive, shocking, or timely. It is highly recommended for brands to create videos, games, apps, and other popular products of digital marketing. Reviews and downloads can show how successful one’s marketing strategy is. The more people can access the brand through their smartphone, the more will eventually make a purchase.