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Is it possible to transform a business idea into a profitable startup? Essay sample

Business idea startup essay sample

All successful businesses did not emerge profitable right away. They all have been startups once, and their founders worked hard to make their ideas bring money. It is true that almost everyone can launch a company, but the statistics says that only 12% of first-time entrepreneurs succeed. Some of them get lucky while the others acquire some experience before starting their own brand. Still, there are a few recommendations for those beginners who want to push their business to success.


Starting a business, it is most important to realize why this startup is so essential. Most successful entrepreneurs have always been passionate about what they do. Sometimes sheer enthusiasm is the only thing that helps entrepreneurs to withstand hard times. Besides passion, it is essential to research and understand one’s market. Entrepreneurs shall know everything about people who need their product to build a successful marketing strategy. Speaking of marketing, developing a strong PR strategy can often save a business from a downfall. Even weak startups can be saved by creative promotions that go viral. And last, a successful company requires a constant search for innovation. Being one step ahead of the competitors gives entrepreneurs a strong advantage in the market.