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How much of a role do parents play in developing top talent in their children? Essay sample



Developing one’s best talents is a time-consuming process. One shall discover their passion and interests first to determine what they like most of all. Parents are the prior people who help their kids choose a hobby or occupation, which is very natural. But sometimes adults overuse their ability to influence child’s choices and decisions. Many parents feel that they ought to develop their own unrealized talents in kids. Overprotective parents also cannot accept children taking some hobbies new or unknown to adults. This is not how a child can develop to their full potential.


Taking a child as a unique individual, we can see that the role of parents in their development is limited. Adults can act as guides or tutors who do not take away the child’s ability to decide for themselves. Decision-making is a crucial feature of a grown-up person, and parents have to let children develop it yet in the early years. In the age of “helicopter parenting”, self-conscious adults can hardly allow losing control over their kids. But some freedom is exactly what kids need to find out what is best for themselves.