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Does being on American Idol, The Voice or other singing contest really help an artist’s career? Essay sample



Of all the reality TV, singing competitions look most appealing to the mass audience. Auditions look exactly like in the real life, and the reaction of the contestants is breathtaking. Even entering the competition is also realistic for a person with an intermediate musicality and singing skills. There is no physical violence in singing competitions, and only culinary shows can gather as much audience as The Voice or American Idol. Nevertheless, they are still TV shows. A great part of it is actually staged, and judges do not always choose the contestant with the best musical performance.


Participation in a singing contest definitely brings mass popularity to beginning artists. Nevertheless, this popularity passes fast for rising stars who cannot grasp it fast. Some winners release their albums soon after leaving the show, the others struggle to make a career based on what they already have. Most of the winners are merely shooting stars who will be forgotten once the latest winners come off the stage. Producing a real long-time superstar is just too much for either of singing reality shows.