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How to deal with a mental breakdown? essay sample



For most people, their daily routine of is definitely not a bed of roses. It can be a source of constant mental distress that drags depression and anxiety. A mental breakdown occurs when healthy people suddenly become dysfunctional due to the emotional burden they carry. There is no such medical term as a mental breakdown, but it causes a major discomfort to a distressed person. People with an increased work pressure and students are especially vulnerable to mental breakdown.


Being a kind of mental disorder, mental breakdown requires a smart emotional treatment. First, the distressed person shall make sure that they do not isolate themselves. It is especially important to have someone comforting who can hear out one’s complaints. There is nothing harder than to persuade oneself that everything will be okay. So it is time to delegate this task to others. Distressed people shall consider some social activities, like sports, to stay connected to others. Speaking of sports, meditation or yoga help relax one’s body and free the mind of troublesome thoughts.