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Is stress really harmful? essay sample



Both positive and negative, stress has become a new norm of life. We encounter stress so often that we do not even notice it as long as we stay well. At some points, however, stress makes us dysfunctional and clearly ill. This is the time to address certain stressors and eliminate the influence of outer factors on our life. First, too much stress stimulates the production of epinephrine and cortisol. They increase our blood pressure and heart rate for a short while. However, when stress hormones are not neutralized on the everyday basis, they cause the imbalance of chemicals.


The disturbance provoked by the excess of cortisol drives our bodily functions out of balance. People may feel a critical fatigue in the daytime and become unable to fall asleep at night. They become easily irritable and unable to concentrate on daily tasks. Poor appetite and body aches are another sign that something is completely wrong with one’s body. All these effects look unpleasant but not critical. When exacerbated by lack of rest, however, stress may cause severe health conditions. Women reproductive health is first at risk. Autoimmune diseases frequently develop as a consequence of stress neglect.