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How will self-driving cars change the way people live? essay sample



The latest fatal accidents involving Tesla and Uber have undermined the common belief in a total safety of self-driving cars. Autonomous vehicles are not perfect, and accidents will happen anyway, analysts say. But what is the use of self-driving cars then? Despite the recent scandal in Arizona, relative safety is still the advantage of autonomous vehicles. We keep turning a blind eye to human-caused accidents, but the few ones caused by autonomous vehicles have become the talk of the town. Self-driving cars visibly reduce the possibility of road accidents. A human factor is mostly responsible for the majority of car crashes, and driverless cars are devoid of it completely.


With the transition to self-driving cars, people will become even more dependent on the electric grid. Presumably, more green energy will be involved in the operation of vehicles, which will cut the destructive impact of CO2. Environmental benefits will combine with a low operating cost we can get refusing from petroleum. Everyone in a self-driving car is a passenger, and they get extra free time for safe texting, drinking, or chatting during the commute. It is also likely that self-driving cars will introduce extra services, like delivery, for clients and businesses.