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Is it beneficial for wild animals to have interactions with people? essay sample



Humans often stand in close interaction with animals. These are usually the pets we treat like family members. At the same time, we consider interaction with wild animals essential to our well-being. Animals act soothing and even help cure conditions. At the very least, all children like animals, and keeping wild species in zoos is a business. However, we often ignore the effect human-animal interaction gives to wild species. There is a strong evidence, that keeping captive and enforcing interaction with humans is stressful to animals.


There are multiple cases of how humans disturb animals through an improper interaction. Provoking aggression is the most common mistake of those encountering animals in the wild or in zoos. Wild species are not used to human interaction, and an attack is the most natural and logical reaction to an approaching human. In zoos and circuses, animal rights are usually violated. Species do not get as much space as they actually need, and the treatment of the keepers is often blatant. There are plenty of ethical issues behind beautiful animals we can see in entertainment. Therefore, human interaction with wild animals is in most cases damaging to these species.