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Industrial Revolution essay sample


To begin with, it is necessary to mention that the Industrial Revolution took place between 1700s and 1800s. It was a period of transitioning to new manufacturing techniques and processes.

The Industrial Revolution originated in Great Britain and quickly spread all over the world. The key changes that happened during that time include the rise of the factory system; transitioning from hand labor to machine labor; machine tools development; increased use of steam power; chemical manufacturing and new iron production processes.

One of the reasons why it became possible for the Industrial Revolution to happen was the agricultural revolution. The thing is that crop rotation was introduced at that time which obviously resulted in tons of new inventions and farming techniques. What is more, the field of agriculture demonstrated a lot of improvements which, in its turn, had a positive effect on the population growth.

Another vital aspect to highlight is the influence which the Industrial Revolution had on the changes that occurred within the economic and social organization. One of the areas which the industry was focused on was the development of large factories. More and more people were moving to big cities searching for work which is the reason why the development of the factories became such a vital thing.

Taking everything into consideration, the most essential aspect to highlight regarding the subject of the Industrial Revolution is that this event signified the shift to special-purpose machinery. As a result of that, it helped to boost the industry and create new jobs. The latter had a very positive effect on the economy as well as helped to increase the quality of life.