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Industrialization after Civil War essay sample


Industrialization was one of those factors which contributed greatly to the economic development of the United States of America.

Speaking about the reasons why industrialization occurred at that time, it is necessary to mention a big supply of natural resources, various technological advances, foreign investment, a patent system and new forms of factory corporations. What should also be highlighted regarding the issue in question is that such rapid development of technology had not only positive effects, but also negative ones. To specify, the poverty level increased after the period of industrialization. Th labor laws were not working properly at that time, to say nothing of the fact that working conditions were very poor.

It is quite clear that the period of industrialization resulted in various causes and effects.  For instance, more machines were used in the process of manufacturing and producing goods. Thus, it helped to make the product more efficient. In addition, hand labor was replaced due to the invention of new machines. One of the most influential effects of the industrialization was the building of the first transcontinental road which occurred in 1869. As a result of the road construction, it became possible to transport and deliver materials and goods throughout the United States of America much faster. Furthermore, construction of the roads meant that more people would get a job.

Taking everything into consideration, the industrialization had both positive and negative effects but  it greatly influenced the development of many industries. Therefore, the so-called booming effect was created which resulted in tons of new inventions, more work opportunities and lots of different technological advances.