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Information literacy essay sample


The era we live in is called the Information Age and the explanation to that is quite simple: the thing is that we get a lot of information every day through different channels. Speaking about students in particular, they have access to various resources of information as well. It is impossible to read, memorize as well as comprehend all that information which is why information literacy is a significant issue.

To be more specific, information literacy presupposes that the student acquires a particular set of skills with the help of which it is simpler for them to sort through all information they receive. Apart from that, it also helps them to become lifelong learners as the educational process does not stop as soon as we get a degree.

In other words, information literate people are those people who have learned how to learn efficiently. These people are familiar with the way in which knowledge is organized which is the reason why it is easier for them to look for information as well as to acquire it. More useful materials regarding the issue of information literacy can be found here …