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Learning styles essay sample


The reason why the topic of learning styles is so important is as follows: the thing is that it is easier to choose a particular education program for the child or the group of children when the most suitable learning styles for them are taken into consideration.

Here are is the list of the seven learning styles and their brief description. The first learning style is visual which presupposes that the person prefers to use images and pictures in the process of studying. Aural learning style is the usage of music and sounds. As it can be understood from its name, verbal learning style is used when the person prefers to use words in speech as well as in writing. When the person is more comfortable with physical learning style, it presupposes that they are more likely to use their hands as well as their sense of touch in general when learning something  new. If the person likes to use logic and reasoning, it means that logical style is going to be applied. In case the child or the student enjoys to work in groups, social style is the best variant. Solitary learning style is better for those who prefer to study and work alone. Read about these learning styles in detail at …