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Is China starting to deal with their pollution problem? essay sample

China pollution problem essay sample

China is a major global polluter. A hub for all kinds of industry, China is covered with gray smog, the result of burning coal. The notorious “airpocalypse” has become a matter of fact to citizens but it still remains shocking to the tourists. Skyrocketing industrialization made Chinese authorities forget about environmental safety measures for decades. Only in 2014, the Communist Party took a steady course on tackling air pollution. Their major goal was to reduce the pollution caused by steel and coal-fueled electricity.


As for 2018, Chinese officials are seriously concerned about air quality in the country. Higher quality gasoline and diesel fuels are already required, and car emissions standards are approaching those of Europe and the US. In 2017, the national government announced the closure of 103 coal power plants also preparing to cut steel production by 50 million tons. Besides cutting industrial objects that make a heavy ecological footprint, some provinces started using air purification towers. Besides, China appears to be the world greatest investor in the renewable energy. The country’s energy production sources vary, presenting hope for a steady improvement of air quality.