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Should the United States fund college education more for people? What should be the rules for repayment of loans? essay sample

United States fund college education essay sample

The cost of higher education repels students from considering earning a college degree. Running into students debt is not a nice opportunity especially for parents who understand how difficult it will be to repay the loan. Of course, a bachelor degree by itself is not a guarantee to achieving the American dream, but it increases person’s chances to earn higher salary after graduation. Probably, it is worth making colleges free to increase the number of well-educated youth in the workforce. However, the US realities prevent colleges from becoming free.


Community funded colleges present difficulties to state and local budgets. Funding numerous schools, the government would have to raise taxes to the point at which many people would be unable to pay them. Colleges will be unable to house all students willing to get the education and long lists will be created. Besides, free education will not be completely free anyway. Students will still pay for books, supplies, housing, and many extra expenses. That is why transferring to publicly-funded colleges is much more challenging in the capitalist economy.