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Is competition necessary in regards to the learning process? essay sample

Is competition necessary in regards to the learning process?

One of the reasons why competition is so necessary in regards to the learning process is that it simply motivates the person to do more and to achieve more. In other words, the student is going to realize that there are lots of things to strive for as well as take into consideration the fact that some people are better at various subjects. In such a way, this student will come to the conclusion than they should try harder in order to achieve the best result.

Apart from that, being competitive is a great skill for the future which will come in handy as soon as the student graduates. They will realize that nothing is handed to them and that the person is supposed to work hard so that to have a successful career. Anyway, one will definitely come to the conclusion that being competitive is one of the most important skills in terms of career world. In case you are interested in such topic as competition and its relation to the issue of learning process, keep in mind that you can take a look at some useful materials as soon as you proceed to …