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Return-to-work programs and policies essay sample

Return-to-work programs and policies

The whole idea of the return-to-work program is to help injured, temporarily impaired and disabled workers to return to work. Thus, the idea of this program is to both retain valued employees and enhance their productivity. Such employee may get a modified schedule, modified job duties, transitional work or reassignment to some other tasks.

As you have already understood, such programs help disabled or injured employees have that financial stability which they require. Apart from that, such programs are also oriented at minimizing the risk of an employee to lose their professional skills as well as their workforce value. Surely, such programs are also advantageous from a psychological point of view. To be more specific, in such a way, an employee feels needed and occupied. When injured or disabled people stay at home instead of trying to get back to work, there is a very high chance that they might start feeling depressed. Anyway, you will definitely come across lots of other benefits in relation to the issue of return-to-work programs. In case you want to familiarize yourself with additional information on the subject under consideration, do not hesitate to proceed to …