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It is important to be actively involved in your community essay sample

 community essay sample

Community engagement is more than volunteering. Participating in local social life, we create more comfortable conditions for us to live and work in this environment. We accustomed to the thought that politicians and local authority are entitled to improve our lives, but in fact, they do not owe us too much. The same people like us make up the majority of our community and we shall facilitate any change in the first place. It is crucial to let officials know about disguised problems of the community. Average community members shall trigger the change by informing others about current difficulties and possible ways of their solutions. At this stage, many people are passive as they suppose their voice will be muted. But a few effective social activists can persuade people that it is possible and necessary to speak up.

Implementation of projects facilitated by the community is the primary goal of social activists, but it can hardly be achieved without a strong support of community members. Often, people can solve the problem either by delegating their representatives to the officials or by taking charge of the situation. For example, you need more benches and trash bins installed in your city park. You can wait for the authorities to manage all the activities and cover costs or you can raise some charity and get a few more activists to get the work done in a very short period of time. Participating in community life allows you to take control over improving your life.