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Leadership styles essay sample


There are lots of different classifications of leadership styles. Yet, it is necessary to mention the most common ones when the subject under consideration is leadership styles.

Perhaps, the most commonly-known style is called autocratic. As you have probably understood from its name, this style presupposes that the leader is likely to make decisions alone. Thus, the input as well as the point of view of other members of the team will not be taken into account.

Another style is laissez-fair. When you have a leader like that, it presupposes that there will be no regular feedback regarding your work progress as an employee. What is more, such leaders tend not to supervise their employees directly.

Perhaps, the most advantageous leader style is participative which may also be called democratic. When your leader is democratic, it presupposes that the opinion of every member of the team will be taken into consideration. What it also necessary to highlight is that the leader is going to take the responsibility for the decision that was made. Familiarize yourself with other leadership styles at …