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Work motivation essay sample


What motivates a person to start working? What are their goals? Why do people work in general? Perhaps, these are the most obvious questions to answer when the subject under consideration is work motivation.

A lot of people are lucky to study the thing they are interested in at college. As a result, they continue researching this field when they graduate. It is obvious that finding a job for them presupposes following their passion and doing something they are really good at.

Apart from that, there are lots of people who decide to change the field of their occupation radically as they are no longer motivated to continue doing something they are not quite interested in. It takes a lot of courage and effort to leave their previous job, especially when the money is good. Yet, there are things which are more important than money. Perhaps, the most common thing that keeps employees motivated is the desire to develop and to follow their dreams. Read more about work motivation at …