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Living together replacing marriage essay sample

Living together replacing marriage

Well, you are clearly aware of the current trend which presupposes that the couple simply lives together but they do not get married. There are lots of benefits of such union. Apart from that, the aspect of marriage is considered to be outdated and there is a very high chance that more and more people will decide not to get married.

The thing is that living together is very advantageous. When people love each other, they will stay together forever and there is no need to document that on paper. However, something may go wrong and these two people may decide to split up and they will not have to go over all those paper details in case something like that happens. It is beneficial in all possible scenarios.

In addition, it is not forbidden to have children when you are not married. So, there is nothing to worry about regarding that fact. The couple can start a family whenever they want. A lot of young people prefer to be free and independent which is one of the reasons why they do not want to burden themselves with any paper-documented relations. If you want to read more on this topic, go to …