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Men sharing birth control burden essay sample

Men sharing birth control burden

Women have always been the ones responsible for birth control. In other words, they are quite often blamed when something goes wrong. Well, it is time to introduce the issue of pill for men as they are the equal part of the process as well. Thus, they are partly responsible as well.

To be more specific, the burden should not be on women only as they are not the only ones in this process. The good news is that the latest discovery in this field proves that soon enough there will be an effective male contraceptive which presupposes that it will be much easier to protect oneself from unwanted pregnancy.

This new drug is called JQ1 and the tests have proven that there are no side effects and no damage to male’s reproductive organs as soon as the person is off the drug. Thus, there is a very high chance  that soon enough contraception and pregnancy prevention will not be the responsibility of the woman only. It is time that men started sharing the burden for birth control. In case you are willing to familiarize yourself with detailed research regarding the subject under consideration, feel free to take a look at existing materials here …