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Media and stereotypes essay sample


It is not that difficult to notice that the media create a lot of stereotypes. Let us begin with the way in which a woman or a girl is portrayed in the media. It is not a secret that models in magazines are usually super skinny girls who have white teeth and perfect hair. The problem is that such image creates the stereotype of how a woman is supposed to look. As a result, young girls tend to follow this example blindly believing that it is the only possible way.

Another great example of stereotypes in the media is as follows: quite often African Americans are viewed as either drug dealers or marihuana smokers. The thing is that the situation in reality is quite different. The percentage of white people who smoke marihuana or sell drugs is the same or sometimes even bigger. If you are willing to familiarize yourself with a detailed research regarding the subject under consideration or need to look through several examples, do not hesitate to proceed to …