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Moral and ethical aspects of abortion essay sample


There is no doubt that the question of ethics and morals is brought up every time the subject in question is abortion.

The main argument of those people who are against abortion is that this process presupposes killing people. Even though the child is not born yet, it is an individual whose life is taken away. This person has a unique genetic code which presupposes that it may be our next Einstein. However, this person also does not have the opportunity to live because of the fact that he or she has no say regarding this issue.

Obviously, the advocates of abortion have a completely different opinion regarding the subject under consideration. The thing is that the mother has moral rights too. For instance, she may not be sure whether she is going to become a good mother for her child at that point in life. In addition, she may not be able to support the child as well as to provide proper upbringing to the kid. Perhaps, there is only one this clear: the issue of abortion is controversial and there is never going to be a unanimous opinion. Learn more at …