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Workaholics essay sample


You are aware of the fact that such issue as workaholics exist. To be more specific, these are people who are addicted to work. They work too much and do not stop doing it even when they are at home.

The reasons why this happens are different. To begin with, a person may simply like working. What is more, they may not have any specific hobbies which is the reason why work is their only interest. Some people become workaholics in the process of starting a new job. The thing is that they want to prove how productive and successful they can be. As a result, they tend to stay at work when working hours are over. What is more, they also do a lot work at home and on weekends.

However, being a workaholic can have some very unsatisfactory consequences for the person. The first thing to mention is health problems. To be more specific, the person is going to feel tired all the time. They will not get enough sleep. In addition, workaholics tend to worry about their jobs more often. Want to familiarize yourself with more details? Go to …