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Motivation to learn essay sample



There is no doubt that every student has their own reasons why they have decided to get or continue education. Yet, there are several reasons which are identical for all people on the planet.

To begin with, people are motivated to learn something new as well as to study in order to get more knowledge and be smarter. Another reason is that deep knowledge is required in order to be better at one’s job. Apart from that, gaining knowledge is the part of the studying process. The more student knows, the easier it is going to be for them in general as well as during exams and tests.

Speaking about those people who come from poor regions or countries, gaining knowledge is the only opportunity for them to get out of that place and get a job they are dreaming of. The thing is that usually there are no opportunities for further development in such places which is why the only possible option for them is to get a degree. In case you want to read more on such issue as motivation to learn, feel free to go to …